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A lazy boy is a type of couch which is really really comfortable.
There is heaps of different types of Lazy boys out there. An ideal couch which a very lazy person would sit in all day. See couch.
I was feeling lazy today so I decided to sit on my lazy boy.
by darkmyst August 31, 2005
-(the quinfecta) aka the ultimate-The action of a man receiving a blow job while, at the same time, getting each testicle massaged by the mouths of two other girls, while a 4th girl rubs the man's back and a 5th girl scratches his nose and feeds him pizza. This does not qualify as an orgy, but is the most epic intimate event yet known to man. If this happens to you make sure you tell as many of your friends as possible because you're a proud member of the quinfecta club of lazyboys.
It was my birthday yesterday so my girl and 4 of her friends gave me a lazyboy . it was the greatest day of my life.
by freakbuh23 January 05, 2009
Sucking your man's dick while he while he's relaxing or sleeping.
I wanted a bonin' so I gave him a lazy boy to get it goin'.
by Ganga June 23, 2005
A semi-hard penis also known as a chubby.
Dude, that chicks so sexy. What, you got a little lazyboy going on?
by MIC C June 21, 2010
A sexual act where the guy sits on the toilet while takin a shit, leans back, and has a girl ride him on top.
That bitch was so horny she gave me a lazy-boy in the planned parenthood bathroom.
by JTDeadmoney December 04, 2007
The term “Lazy Boy” is used to describe a person similar to that of a “Lax Bro”. A “Lazy Boy” is commonly a person who wears a snap back hat, or any type of baseball cap, either backwards or forwards, loosely supporting hair that is anywhere from 2 to 4 inches long. The "Lazy Boy’s” bangs must be folded up off the forehead, and under the hat.
“Dude check out that LAzy Boy! Look at the sweet absence of bangs!”

“Check out Rowan today, he’s Lazing it like crazy with that hat!"
by ShawJ March 06, 2011
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