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A man that stays home and playes computer games all day. He never leaves his house unless his friends come over and ask him many times to do something out side. If it was up to him he would sit at home with a bowl of jumbalia and a bag of popcorn for his dinner and play Red alert all the time. Also he cant walk ten feet without getting tired. God must have been drunk when he mad this fat ugly excuse for a humanbeeing.
"No dude you are all wrong about your relgion, the earth sends us up to gather information about itself" says mark.
A person who is extremely lazy, to the point where he will not eat even if he is starving. He'd rather stay on the couch, watch tv and stay on AIM.
vincent: im such a lazy ass
: like
: i'll be starving
: but too lazy to go out to get something to eat
: so i end up not eating a meal
by sam la awesome May 15, 2006
1- someone who is lazy and doesnt do what (s)hes supposed to do. most often used as an insult or dirrogitory meaning.
2- A lazy donkey
" get up you lazyass its time to do the dishes"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
The person reading this instead of doing their homework or anything productive.
You are a fucking lazy ass bum.
by OverMyLivingBody November 25, 2014
1- Anyone who doesnt do what is told, or just is lazy. another word for lazy or couch potatoe. can be used as a insult or a derrogitory statement

2- A lazy Donkey
" get up you lazyass its time to was the dishes"
by Dean KRamer February 27, 2005
The lazy ass, related to the lazy eye, is a common affliction for the sleep-deprived. Whilst one glute may move perfectly normally, the other lacks ambition and direction. It often fails to move and may start twitching.
Tony- Man, Greg's lazy ass is really acting up today.
Diane- Teeheehee
Greg (as he stumbles around compensating for his rabmbunctious left buttock)- Shut up you guys, this is really uncomfortable.
by Box March 23, 2005
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