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When you are having sexual intercourse doggy style and you push the girl down so she is lying flat on her stomach and you continue to have intercourse. (a variation of doggy style)
I blew out my girl doggy style and wanted to tighten that up so I pushed her down and proceeded in the lazy dog position.
by Joshua MB December 30, 2005
When in a doggy style position with your girl you both fall over at the same time from exhaustion while still inside her and keep having sex.
Ron white came up with the lazy dog.
by kstan3 August 19, 2010
A sexual position where the giver and receiver lie on their sides and the giver enters the receiver from behind. This position can either be initiated on its own, or can begin from the Doggystyle position. When beginning from the Doggystyle position, the two dogs simply fall over on their sides.

The Lazy Dog is the first step in the modified Cave Canem. In this instance it precedes Doggystyle.
I was so tired from work, all I could do was the Lazy Dog last night.
by Warmpain May 01, 2010
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