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Exhibiting a free-spirited, creative, aesthetically appealing, sensual, neo-tantric, soulful, aura; exuding sexuality as a inherent quality. In Hinduism, Shandra (Chandra) is a lunar diety
most female Neo-soul artists have a shandra quality; while they don't focus overtly on sexuality you wonder what's underneath the persona.
by Miss Isis February 03, 2010
Shandra's are country girls. Very beautiful but stubborn in nature. They know how to get down and dirty but still know how to be a lady. They tend to be animal lovers and eventually become Vet assistants. Generally reside in Snohomish County but some move closer to Idaho.
Dude , I just started dating a shandra, she fits me so well.
by Camodude51 February 04, 2010
Some weird person who doesnt understand most normal social conventions for everyday life events such as 'boys'
youre so giz
shandra: whats giz?
Cool ass chick, usually spotted with blonde hair. Most can be spotted at your local Wal- Mart
I need to find the new so and so toy is there a Shandra around to help?
by Dilio February 04, 2010
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