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an exotic, beautiful young lady. has a very nice body and is always smiling and fun to be around. She'd loved by everyone and has guys bowing down to her.
damn, she is such a laylah.
by siad flkshg;lkdsjfa ; April 01, 2011
Bitch with no heart steals friends and is totally self obsessed and attention seeker
Ehhh its Laylah again
by TruthTellers July 06, 2015
Laylah, short for Laylah Mistral, is an Internet Radio Disc Jockey. She DJ's for SL Public Radio, based in Second Life. Affectionately named DJ Lala, she brings to the air-waves a most arousing voice. The only DJ I know worth a good ego stroke. ;)
You: OMGZORS, have you heard DJ Lala?
Me: She the one with the hot voice?
You: Yeah, she's the one on now!
Me: Oh yeah, hold on man, gimme 5, I gotta finish up...
You: That's sick man, real sick. Hey, how do you spell her name, I want to make a request.
Me: Laylah Mistral :D
by Financial Resistance October 16, 2006

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