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A mixture of intoxicants in the blood stream.

Boys, its going in all directions tonight. This girl is talking like a Turk and my feet feel like fuzzy felts...I am well and truly layered
by Drop September 22, 2003
To have multiple layers of alcohol inside you. Do not get it confused with drunk or tipsy, it is the space in between.
Man, I'm so layered right now let's go smoke a joint.
by Jimandthecorknbottlebeezies February 18, 2014
Being hit by oncoming traffic when attempting to cross a road at an unsafe point, without the aid of traffic lights or pedestrian crossings.
Fear of "being layered" is often expressed by shakier individuals during or immediately after crossing, even in the safest of situations.
Not realising it was a one way street, I ran quickly across the road for fear of being layered by the nonexistent traffic.
by melin? August 17, 2008
Phrase used to describe a particularly harsh insult.

Similar to burned.
oh my got layered
by morgangills May 12, 2006
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