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A stolen handgun that you can leave behind or "lay down on the ground" after shooting someone.
I shot 50 cent a couple times, but don't worry, I used a lay down.
by Andy Holman October 11, 2005
Someone who buys a car in a dealership on the first visit without negociating
That last sale was a lay down
by Gizzybob February 01, 2007
v. - To create a rythym. see drop
Nigga laid down a smooth beat
by Anonymous April 25, 2005
The pattern used in delivery of a series of weapons, usually explosive. Also can be used in terms of an aircraft to describe an attack that comes in at very low level at high speed to deliver a string of bombs that land in a line.
The Strike Eagles will come in hot to make a laydown across their front lines, then we hit them while they are rattled.
by Komitadjie November 26, 2006
To murder a human being.
The crack dealer may lay down a man for selling on his turf.
by Anthony Yochmann May 08, 2008