Kids who play lacrosse, informally known as "lax", that are obsessed with lax and use a "jersey" way of speaking. When speaking, they might use short term English, which would be combining words, shortening words, making words verbs, and quoting the popular MTV show Jersey Shore. They typically wear their Lax Pennies and other lacrosse brand t-shirts along with Lax Shorts. For some odd reason, they love wearing over-expensive Air Jordan's, yet they dont play basketball. Lax Bros live by the sport and it's all they talk about.
Dude, Lax sesh later? Oh yeah, Lax Bros yeah
by hateroflaxbros December 30, 2010
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A laxbro is a manly lacrosse player. LaxBros have their own language and style that can only be understood by other laxbros. A laxbro nearly always baffles an ordinary human but is never mean to non-laxbros. The language includes broski, brah, and the wall. The style is so complex only a true laxbro could explain it. Normally a white male, but does not discriminate.
Zookeeper: "A tall muscular white man with a stick in his hand tosses a ball to another tall muscular white man while communicating in some sort of language. The laxbro is in its natural habitat."
by Sir Winston Hamilton January 05, 2012
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An arrogant prodigy who enjoys slugging other players with his shaft. Lax Bros commonly have a surplus of cockiness and avidly aspire to disregard women and acquire currency. Their theatrical plays aim to subvert the opposing team's defense and ceremonially receive dome post victory.
- "Bros, anyone care to lax?"
- "Bro, whats up with your flow?
- Lax Bros for life man"
by 5-0Laxtitute March 13, 2011
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Lax Bros are guys fully into lax. They love lax, chillin', and parting. They are the most chill people ever, ,they are not assholes to anyone (especially to girls) and do not think they are the shit. There are 3 levels of Lax Broness

-Ultimate Lax Bro lives for lax, wears only lax pennies: lax shorts or board shorts: flip flops: ray bans,avatiors, or oakleys: wears trucker hats or college lax hats

-Lax Bro loves the sport :and plays lax, wears lax pennies or lax t-shirts: wears lax shorts or cargo shorts: wears flip flops or shoes not tied with black socks: wears ray-bans oakleys or avatiors:wears college lax hats (mainly backwards)
-Bro plays lax: wears tee shirts:wears team lax shorts or regular shorts: wears shoes untied wit any socks: wears oakleys or sport sun glasses: wears college lax hats

most Lax Bros have their own language some of those words includes spoon, twin, magic wand, wicked, sweet, bro, dude, awesome, son, sesh, no-way, turf monster, shorty, wall ball, flow, sick, nasty
Lax Bros use the saying "getter done" the most

Also Lax Bros like neon and bright colors cuase their just sweet colors
Lax Bro 1-whats up bro
Lax Bro 2-chillin', string my head you
Lax Bro 1-chillin' just played wall ball
Lax Bro 2-sweet, dude i just got a new pair of oakleys
Lax Bro 1-bro thats sick, what color are they
Lax Bro 2- neon green and pink
by An ULTIMATE LAX BRO April 22, 2010
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A male who plays the sport of lacrosse and for some reason thinks that this automatically makes him the "chillest" guy ever. Lax bros tend to wear $2 lacrosse pennies that they got from a summer camp in public. Lax bros will never fail to overreact to anything they hear that may resemble a threat or challenge. Lax bros commonly don't attempt any education for they think they will get into a Division 1 university just for playing lacrosse. Lax bros tend to be dochebags to anyone who is not among them, and learn about 70% of their vocabulary from the MTV show Jersey Shore And lastly, they will systematically rip on any other sport simply because they have fixated themselves so much on lacrosse that any other sport is considered "gay" to them.
Normal lacrosse player: Why are you wearing a lacrosse penny?
Lax bro: You talkin' to me bitch? You wanna fight?
Normal lacrosse player: What?
by oreo1234567890 January 06, 2011
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Lax Bros are the chillest of the chill. It's a life decision to be one. Lax Bro brew of choice, natty. Lax Bro shirt of choice, lax pinny. . . AKA Caroline Schell.
Caroline is so bro, she's a lax bro.
by secretsanta123456 December 05, 2011
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THE HOTTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD. They get all the girls and can bang anyone they want
Bro: Yo come here lets bang
Girl: Of course, your a hot lax bro
by ilovelaxbros<3 June 02, 2011
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