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An overzealous, bandwagoner typically female fan of a recently successful local pro sports franchise. Characterized by the brand spanking new officially licensed pink team hat. Typically spends majority of game chatting on cell phone, waving to tv camera, asking idiotic questions & being a stupid annoying nuisance in general. Most commonly found at Fenway Park & Foxboro Stadium.
"Ohhhh it's so cold up here in the bleachers, can we go home after the 7th period is over?"

"Put a sweater on, shut up, and we aren't leaving til the 9th INNING's over you dumb pink hat whore"

#bandwagon hopper #bandwagon red sox fan #sportswhore #jimmy fallon #yellow hat
by D-Gags May 18, 2006
A clueless, ignorant female who goes to sporting events and doesn't know the most basic facts about the team that they supposedly support. They are often loud, obnoxious and irritating. They prefer baseball, but have been known to appear at other sporting events and wear the jersey or shirt of the most attractive player on the team and can't tell you what position he plays. They are also the reason decent Sox tickets are $250 a seat. Also known as "cunts".
Ex. 1
Fan 1: If that fucking pink hat doesn't stop singing "Sweet Caroline" I'm gonna skull fuck her.

Fan 2: At least we don't get this shit at Bruins games.


Ex. 2

Jack: Did you hear that Pink Hat on Toucher and Rich?

Joe: Yeah, what a dumb bitch.
#pink hat #cunt #bitch #band wagon jumper #pinkhat #pink hats #hobag
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
A sports fan that jumped on the bandwagon because of a great season or two. The hat always looks new because it's only worn after wins or at a the occasional game that they get a free ticket to.

It should also be noted that not everyone who is wearing a pink hat is a "Pink Hat"

To find out is someone is a pink hat or not just ask...
Name three players on the team.
Seriously D-Gags, baseball has 9 "INNINGS" not periods, that's something a Pink Hat would say. You're better than that. New York fans, am I right?
#pink hat #pinkhat #pinkhats #pink hats #bandwagoners #bandwagon #band wagon
by briggsb1 May 07, 2014
Gay or Bi Hacker, someone who cracks comupter security who is of the homosexual persuasion
Mornstar is a pink-hat
#gay #bi #backdoor bandit #homosexual #not stright
by cyberjesus June 03, 2007
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