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Person who does not only play lax (lacrosse) but associates himself with other "bros". A bro will often use words like bro, chill, flow, stoked, gnarly, and natty ice. They often chill out with their spoons (lacrosse sticks) and lax it up in the nice warm sun. They tend to wear bright colors so they can show off any way they can as they usually lack self confidence. Often they are douche bags to anyone who doesn't play lax with because its cool. The pinny is their number one piece of clothing along with bright colored sunglasses and often rasta clothing. It is ok for them to talk about pot or other drugs even if they dont smoke or take them because they are bros. Their hair is usually in mad flow and like to flick it off. Once again they are the greatest, at least they believe so, thus they are aloud to boss anyone around they want... they think. They carry their spoons around school and like to grasp eachothers shafts (handles) and fiddle with the heads (pocket for ball). They are the best and practically own the school, thus they are aloud to be douches.
Lax bro: Yo bro wheres your pinny bro?
Anyone Else: I dont play lacrosse, i have a little self dignity.
Lax bro:Bro why am i even here then, go away your messin up the flow and i gotta work on stringing the shaft up. Go chill and pop the natty ices.
by LaxBrosAreDouches April 03, 2011

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