Anyone who lets lax take over there lives and embraces the lax gods. He will do anything to play with his stick and believe in the Lax year of 2025. His ambitions are to go to John Hopkins and be deemed a Lax God. His flo is also so hard he makes woman pass out as he passes by them. The All-star of all lax names is Sea Balls it posses the BTB shot. Insane I know. (BTB means Behind the Back underhanded). Laxbro's wear pinnys with their numbers at all times! They care around there sticks and their moms usually yell at them for it, but a true laxbro will only try to hide it from her and not put his stick down. A true laxbro will have a boner to beat Friendswood and stroke the butter with his Lax stick. Every Laxbro has a pseudonym like El Diablo, Sea Bass or something cool n lax like that. Also every Laxbro has a lax it up shirt. If your not constantly holding your stick and getting woman to think your super hot just because your a laxbro then your probably not a laxbro. Also every laxbro has a back up stick that is huge and they usually carry it in their pants. Also you must like to get super high all Laxbro's light the dank if their not doing that their laxin' it up or taking care of their great flo's. May the Lax Gods be with all Laxbro's out there.
SeaBass: Dude my mom hates when I Play Lax in the car.
Not a laxbro: Dude is that possible?
SeaBass: Anythings possible if your a lax bro!
*Thud from a hot ass chick walking by and passing out by seeing SeaBass' flo*
Not a laxbro: Dude I wanna be a lax bro
SeaBass: then come with me to practice with my coach because i practice with him everyday because we are Laxbro's
*Now at Practice*
Peter: Lax bro's I have a BONER to beat Friendswood
SeaBass: Coach me too!!
Johnny Boy: Its that Lefty laxbro!
Alex: Where da dank at Laxbro!
Adam: Mucinex f's me up
Mitch: Dub step Bitches!
T. Spain: I've been shooting all damn DAY! 100% on Faceoff Bitches
Jaz: John Adam n Zack
Chronic Sam: They call me the REALITOR cuz i get sooo many yard sales
Blake: Seabass your such a Laxbro!
Cameron: I like to score and I can do it with both the ladies and in Lax cuz im a Laxbro
Johnny boy: Your a retard!
Peter: Don't ever skip practice to stroke the butter also key to the game is Dodge Shoot Score.
Not a laxbro: Im gonna work so hard to be a laxbro
*A few years later*
Not a laxbro, but now a laxbro: Ever since ive became a laxbro ive gotten so many woman and all my friends are Laxbro's and were all soo cool and the ladies think were super hot!
*Laxbro's in a huddle*
Seabass: Break out on Laxbro's on 3...2...1
Laxbro's united: LAXBROS
*everywomen in the universe just came*
by Cinco Lax 38 June 28, 2011
An arrogant prodigy who enjoys slugging other players with his shaft. Lax Bros commonly have a surplus of cockiness and avidly aspire to disregard women and acquire currency. Their theatrical plays aim to subvert the opposing team's defense and ceremonially receive dome post victory.
- "Bros, anyone care to lax?"
- "Bro, whats up with your flow?
- Lax Bros for life man"
by 5-0Laxtitute March 13, 2011
Kids who play lacrosse, informally known as "lax", that are obsessed with lax and use a "jersey" way of speaking. When speaking, they might use short term English, which would be combining words, shortening words, making words verbs, and quoting the popular MTV show Jersey Shore. They typically wear their Lax Pennies and other lacrosse brand t-shirts along with Lax Shorts. For some odd reason, they love wearing over-expensive Air Jordan's, yet they dont play basketball. Lax Bros live by the sport and it's all they talk about.
Dude, Lax sesh later? Oh yeah, Lax Bros yeah
by hateroflaxbros December 30, 2010
A laxbro is a manly lacrosse player. LaxBros have their own language and style that can only be understood by other laxbros. A laxbro nearly always baffles an ordinary human but is never mean to non-laxbros. The language includes broski, brah, and the wall. The style is so complex only a true laxbro could explain it. Normally a white male, but does not discriminate.
Zookeeper: "A tall muscular white man with a stick in his hand tosses a ball to another tall muscular white man while communicating in some sort of language. The laxbro is in its natural habitat."
by Sir Winston Hamilton January 05, 2012
Lax Bros are the chillest of the chill. It's a life decision to be one. Lax Bro brew of choice, natty. Lax Bro shirt of choice, lax pinny. . . AKA Caroline Schell.
Caroline is so bro, she's a lax bro.
by secretsanta123456 December 05, 2011
THE HOTTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD. They get all the girls and can bang anyone they want
Bro: Yo come here lets bang
Girl: Of course, your a hot lax bro
by ilovelaxbros<3 June 02, 2011
guys who dress preppy and play lax usually live on the east coast where we all know all the best all players live, they have mad flow not lettuce always wear lax pinnies always have a spoon wit them and have mad hot chicks hanging wit them, usually belong to country clubs or are rich and go to private or boarding schools they also have to play for atleats d 1 lax or d2 lax our flowcabulary consists of bro, mad, swag, cha, gnarly, etc.
yo bro that chick is mad hot.

cha bro betta go hit her up.

ight ill hit her wit some mad swag and will be chill from there.

you know thm chicks love us bros ( lax bro )
by dbats February 28, 2012
A lax bro is a Broski Who lives,eats,sleeps Lax He often wears Rainbow sandals,Lax shorts or boaters shorts....A PINNY is a must The lax bros always get chicks they consider there stick another family member....
" 3:30 In the morning" Bro walks in,HEY BRO CARE TO LAX Other Bro that was sleeping:FUCK YEAH LETS LAX.And that is a LAX BRO
by Anamethatisntfuckingtaken April 04, 2011

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