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Crazy midgit with a pointy hat that stalks you in your sleep.
Person #1: Where'd Bob go?
Person #2: Lawn gnomes got 'em.
by Master Gee May 17, 2004
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n. A small woodland creature, usually cast from cement or a similar compound. They tend to gather in large groups in trailer parks (specifically on the front lawns), and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
"Whoa, check out that thar lawn gnome Billy Bob got.. I wish i could get me one uh them - all green and purty and stuff"
by tainted February 14, 2005
To ring someone's doorbell then run on their front lawn and make a funny face and/or position when they answer the door. Hold that position until they go back inside, even if they yell at you.
Dude! Let's go play Lawn Gnome!
by Glayyyyyyyyy October 06, 2007
something that is almost as creepy as clowns
i really dislike lawn gnomes
by maroo August 06, 2006
When you pass out in someone's lawn, you magically transform into one of these majestic mythical creatures.
Old lady Cooper found a lawn gnome in her yard this morning after the wedding reception.
by Donny Mac July 18, 2011
a derogetory term for Mexicans that are mowing lawns and are small in stature.
That Lawn gnome just crossed the border last week
by KP 2369 April 17, 2008
a very short person who has a green thumb/is a farmer
farmer shorty? oh yea, hes a real lawn gnome.
by fantabular nico May 17, 2008

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