Me: Haha what Coach said over the intercome about #21 was hilarious, lawl.
You: Seriously! Lawl, wow that's old. Haha.
by abbalicious21 January 22, 2008
The way you say "lol" out loud.
Often used as a question.
Also used with multiple "a"'s to draw out the sound.
Brad :"Did you hear that tammy fay baker just died?"
Vikram: "Lawl?"

Vikram: "Ashley, I haven't seen you in forever. Laaaaaaaawl."
by ryno ferrari September 14, 2007
Laughing A Whole Lot, because most people don't go "LLLLLLAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWLLLLL" when they laugh out loud
a(9:00:45pm):remember that time wen u were @ my house? good times

b(9:00:50pm):yea, we were LAWL
by Isaac (the izzman) Ball October 12, 2007
acronym for "laughing aloud while lol'ing" - or the act of laughing out loud while typing lol.
ashley laughs out loud as she im's andy a "lol" - she is lawl'ing
by popojeezo May 25, 2007
1)The pronounciation of "LOL" as seen off the internet.
2)An acronym of "Laugh out loud"
"Hahahahahahaha! Lawl!"
"Oh my God! I was Lawling all over when he said that."
by Ekori November 29, 2005
slang for the name, "Laurel"
"Hi, my name is Laurel."
by reesespieces December 15, 2008
This word is basically the pronounciation of the AOL instant messanger slang "lol" which means "laugh out loud" but it is much more than that.
Popularized by PurePwnage's very own Jeremy (the pwnerer), people now use the word "lawl" in every day speech. The more a's in the word, the funnier it is.
"Look at that total n00b wearing highwaters, lawl!"
"hahaha, girls are making fun of him and he's running away, laaaawl!!"
"Oh my God, he got hit by a truck and he's either dead or gonna be a vegatable for the rest of his life, laaaaaaaaaaaawl!!!!"
by Brian H October 12, 2005

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