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An Evil Terrorist Organization bent on world domination through Television sonic waves.
brainwashed n00b: omg i liek this yugioh show

smart person: AW HELL NAW!
by Hypermega November 09, 2004
N: Obnoxious online user, arrogant, very skilled in arguements, usually proclaims himself "God," or that of superior to other persons.
person 1: Hey sup

MetalHyper: Stfu, n00b. Out of my way, my superiority conquers your ignorant stupidity. Move now or I shall pwn you.
by Hypermega November 09, 2004
N: Deadly ninja assassin, modern ninja with expertice dating back to the 14th century.
person: ok so i was liek lololol and she was like-

CrimsonBlaze: *Cuts your head off*

UNEXPECT'D NINJA ATTACK! *Flees from the sight dropping a smoke bomb*
by Hypermega November 09, 2004
Dumbass person on GameFAQs who reigns by "YataLockDuelist."

total lamer moron.
Yata-garasu is banned.

by Hypermega November 09, 2004

Laughing At Worthless Losers.

Expresses laughter and glee from the stupidity of others, amusing the user.
n00b: omg u stoopid

dude: Lawl, what an idiot you are.
by Hypermega November 09, 2004

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