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Last Measure is a shock site created by the GNAA, a trolling organization. It uses javascript to display shock images(goatse, meatspin, lemon party, etc), play looping audio of a man saying "HEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!", and spawn multiple moving browser windows. Pressing ctrl, alt, or delete will cause a javascript alert popup which may intercept task manager. It also tries to send "hey everybody I'm looking..." and a link to last measure to everyone on your contacts list in outlook, and it sends whatever is on your clipboard to the GNAA for exploitation. The official version doesn't, but some versions of last measure contain malware.

If you ever accidentally click on a link to last measure, the key is to stay calm. If you freak out you're liable to break something or alert people surrounding you. Quickly press ctrl+alt+del and end your browser process before last measure loads completely. If you're too late for that, just turn off your computer.

There are hundreds of mirrors for last measure. The most common are, replacing anything with any word or any number of subdomains, and The homepage of last measure is, where last measure continues to be actively developed. Last measure is released under the BSD license: it's open source and downloadable.
Person A: "Hey check out this cool site"

Person B: "Ok......god damn it you bast-HEY EVERYBODY I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO"

Person A: "Lol, you got last measure'd"
by theymos March 20, 2008
A site created by the GNAA, which opens windows of 6 shock sites that fly around so you cannot close them. It also plays really loud sounds of a guy saying "HEY EVERYBODY IM LOOKING AT GAY PORNO", a few minutes after, sounds become more loud and screams and a Jews.WMV (which is gay porn video) windows open really quickly, they may crash your computer if too many of them opens. Don't worry, this site won't harm your PC at all, there's about 5 ways to stop it:

-Get Avast! Antivirus which will automatically block last measure when you go to it
-Get NoScript or disable JavaScript, the site will not do anything if you go to it
-Press Ctrl+W when on it
-Go to task manager and end your browser task
-Shut down your PC and restart

Links to it:
<anything here><anything here (optional)>
Trick: Hey dude
Guy B: hi
Trick: Wanna visit my cool site? It's awesome
Guy B: Yes!
Trick: OK, link:
Guy B: What is it
Trick: A blog about my life
Trick: I live at NYC
Guy B: OK, sounds cool. Checking it
Trick: u there?
Trick: HAHA you went to it! You got Last Measure'd!
by TNTX32 August 09, 2009
A virus program created by the GNAA which rapidly creates windows of shock images and plays a loud sound clip of a guy saying "HEY EVERYONE, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!" Often used against noobs on forums. Examples of links to lastmeasure:,,, <any word>,, WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THOSE LINKS!
noob: hay guyz how do i maek a new thred
Regular: (disguises a lastmeasure link as a link to a "help" topic)
by fffffffffff February 09, 2007
Last Measure is a pop-up shock site by the GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America) featuring various shock site pics, including Tubgirl, Meatspin and It is also accompanied by a NSFW audio exclaimg "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!". It is also known to give your computer viruses. If you ever come across of it, DO NOT FUCKING CLICK ON IT!!!
"Holy shit, I just clicked on a link to Last Measure!"
by Mike Cheesemin October 16, 2006
A nasty website that spawns an endless flurry of pop-up windows with various porn pics. Accompanied by a loud sound clip: "HEY EVERYBODY!! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORN!!"

What to do when encountering Last Measure:
1. Turn off the monitor before the images load.
2. Turn off the speakers before the sound loads.
(If you can, do steps 1 and 2 at the same time.)
3. Hard reboot the computer.
As I'm writing this, I just got Last Measure'd and had to hard reboot the computer.
by Oxeye Daisy December 01, 2006
A virus site made by the GNAA. It shows shock images to people visiting the page, when viewed, it has the audio amped all the way up with the "HEY EVERYBODY, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO!", disables task manager, and is hard/difficult to close.

One of the YTMND admins Max shut down the forums due to Sub-Zer0 making an XYTMND, an example of the link is

Remember, don't visit the sites such as,,,,,, and anything with or
Person 1: Hey, want to see how I became a YouTube god?
Person 2: Sure thing!
*Person 1 drops a lastmeasure URL*
Person 2: It better not be po- EW.
Person 1: Knew I could do it.
by Occstahs April 29, 2012

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