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NoScript is basically an anti-Java/anti-cookie/anti-any-fucking-thing-you-don't-want-displayed Firefox addon that's easy to install and use. Hell, I'm using it right now; Only UrbanDictionary is displayed, not those fucktarded ads on the side bar over yonder to this description's right.

If you don't want anything you don't know being displayed, like maybe a porn site when you stray off (since....y'know...parents...), download this.


Firefox in itself cuts down your virus intake by 70% (and I say THAT because people often Google incredibly fucking stupid torrent sites with infested files. If you're me, it can pretty much mean internet surfing while turning off whatever system-pig scanner's running).

The only downside is you gotta remember to tell the fucker to allow sites you wanna see stuff from.
by Sonikkun the Blaze December 20, 2008
Firefox extension that prevents Javasript, Flash, and other things like that from being run by web pages not added to a whitelist by the user. It enhances security, but makes internet surfing soooo inconvenience. Other features include allow-temporary and blacklist. A blacklisted site won't be whitelistable.
I'm going to watch this flash movie now. Oh, wait I have to allow the site in Noscript first. Now, which one is the movie?
by bigfattony December 20, 2008
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