The leftover lint from your boxers, briefs, or thongs that remain at the top of your ass crack. It is a small clump of various colors depending on the colored underwear.You know it will always be there when you take your underwear off. Higher quality underwear such as silk proves to have minimal lass effects opposed to the standard cotton underwear which is a nasty mofo. In worse cenarios if the shower does not clean it out, you may have to use your own finger to fish it out.
"My lass today was red, orange, and blue!"
"You know your day is going to suck when you have to pick your morning lass out yourself."
by victorino January 04, 2008
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another word for "girl"
"orrrr did ya see the tits on that lass?"
by dave August 12, 2003
A female sweetheart.
"Hey there lass, you look absolutely fabulous."
by Teh Badger July 11, 2013
A beautiful, young lady
"My what a nice lass she is, eh?"
"You're very right, my good friend! A fine young lady she is!"
by Dubshpee August 27, 2015
Plural of lass, girl version of Lads. (In UK: chav)
usually seen sporting polo or nautica shirts, nike air max or new TN's. seen on town hall steps or in your local maccas.
lass 1: oi brah, u gettin some esh tonite?
lass 2: yeh after i get an eedfay esshaayyz!

by LILINNAWEST September 23, 2008
a girl version of a lad. wears RL, nautica, tommy, Das, Nike, Lacoste ect. usually unwashed ratty ugly sluts but some lasses can pull it off and look bangin.
eshay slutty bitches= lass
by gtownlass May 01, 2015
A lass is Australian slang for a girl who hangs out with lads. lads are 'gangsta', the most popular people at boys schools. often seen drinking, smoking and vandalising. Lass's are bassicly lad's sluts, they wear to much makeup and have bleached trashy hair.
lad1: fuck bro, that lass is hot.
lad2: yeh eshays.
by popular<3 April 27, 2008
A girl version of a lad. She usually wears nike TN's, small sport shorts and a polo shirt with the collar popped up.

verrrrrrrrrry ugly chicks.
look, its that BN crew, they got a few lasses with them.

i got rolled by 2 lads and a lass today
by tennisrox4 January 28, 2008

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