the name of a character from john green's spectacular book "looking for alaska" she is smart, funny, and has a crush on the protagonist. Lara is an exchange student. Unfortunately for Lara, Miles has a crush on Alaska. the eccentric friend.
Alaska: "come on! Lara really likes you!"
Miles: "yeah, yeah (but i secretly love you!)"
by NERDFIGHTERS! who ha! January 19, 2009
a sexy girl that gets any sex guy she wants
i so wanna fuck lara
by LaRa . July 07, 2006
Lara is usually either a shy or extremely outgoing girl. When her sassy side is brought out, you all better run. Is very kind to everyone that she loves, but is a menace to those few people that she hates. She always tries her best, and doesn't care what others think of her. Lara loves to be weird around her true friends, and is always there to help them. She usually is extremely well blessed in the chest and butt area, but always tries to hide it.
Damn, look at Lara! I would kill to have that body!
Oh my, thank you so much Kara! You're really kind!
by wolfmadfreedom July 06, 2015
Lara is one of the most BEAUTIFUL girls you will ever meet! She's the most amazing girlfriend, a guy couldn't ask for, and the sexiest girlfriend ever! She is friendly, classy, gentle, elegant, silly, smart, crazy, funny, a boy magnet, and really hot stuff. She's the best!she has a great body + a great booty. She is a girl who is awesome in every way, can be shy one minute and crazy the next, but is always a fun person to be around. You will never regret ever meeting a Lara. Best Traits: incredible kisser, can always cheer people up, knows the right moment when a friend is in need.
OMG, that girl must be a Lara
by Larastylesx May 14, 2015
A huge slut who is a massive dweeb but has an alright pooc ^^
Lara is a slut but I'd fuck her
by Nationz May 09, 2016
someone who understands you, and is soul-mates with Alex's, also is a Strawberry!
Lara and Alex were meant for each other!
by yourBlueberry July 29, 2010
A slut who will sleep with everyone.
Let's fuck Lara, she fucks everyone!
by A stunning slut. March 05, 2015
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