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old people; elderly; senior citizens
Look at those lapes sitting in those rocking chairs.
by Anish Patel May 26, 2008
5 0
To lape someone is the act by which one ejaculates seminal fluids on another's body.
She complained that after being laped she was all sticky.
by Mokra Cipka November 22, 2007
49 19
1)Unconditional love for dolphins
2)A extreme case of over achiever
3)The opposite of George.
"That Matt, he is so Lape for that Dolphin."
"Dude, don't Lape that exam."
"Are you laping me right now?"
"Haha, you just got lape."
by Issam March 31, 2008
34 24
(v) When Mr. Lapish gives you so much homework and you can't do anything else.
"Did you watch the football game last night?"
"No, I was Laped"
by shazwald2.0 March 01, 2010
3 12