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A confused kid that can't decide what social cliché they want to fit into so they decide they'll try them all, all at once, with little succes.
A group whore.
Emo kid: What do you on the weekends? I cut myself cause I'm so depressed by my perfect life.
Lansbury kid: I play Rugby in the A's...
Emo kid: You big fag jock.

Corn fed kid: I like Nickelback. What do you listem to?
Lansbury kid: My favourite song is Cute Without the E by Taking Back Sunday.
Corn fed kid: You Emo fag.

Nerd: My life revolves around WOW.
Lansbury kid: Real cool. *sarcasm*
Nerd: WTF? I'll ROFL pone you!
by footy 123 August 31, 2006
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