Any person who goes to Landon, from ages 8-17, is intelligent, atheletic, and guarenteed to get laid some day.
Prep guy: Check out that landon guy he sux
20 years later an employee at Mcdonald's said...
Same guy: Man I wish i went to Landon
by Ozone August 07, 2004
Top Definition
weight room beast. sweet laxer. beer drinking hottie. these guys can shoot their lax balls hard and down their beers faster than anyone around. they are used to be sweated by everyone around. are used to being the #1 lax team around and stay the only one who doesnt recruit. they get so much ass, they dont know what to do with it. if your a dad and cant find your daughter on the weekend, check a landon guys bed.
that landon guy is sweeet.
by pride June 04, 2004
Whatever sad fucks posted those definitions must be sick of Landon beating them in everything. Yes, Landon is an all boys school, as is GTown Prep, we tool u public school sad fucks in everything. Why dont u grow a dick and stop talking shit on the internet.
Public School kid- Hey dude look at that Landon kid......LANDON IS ALL BOYS HAHAHA
Landon kid- Stfu (beats up all of them)
other Landon kid- Oh its alright, hes gonna mow my lawn someday
by Kunal April 10, 2005
Student at the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland. Landon guys are smart kids who go on to become successful men.
sad kids who talk trash via omg landon is so gay. they're all gay and preppy. (see every definition on this website)

landon guy: *shrugs, and goes back to hooking up with his hot ass wife*
by maury povich January 08, 2005
HOT HOTT HOTT!!!!!!!! you boys are sooooo hot i cant believe that im "related" to you yesssss! well see u guys around!
girl:hey landon guy come over and rock my boat!
landon guy:no! i have the holton girls *goes over to holton girl and starts to make out w/ her*
by lizzie April 17, 2005
person who goes to preppy Landon where guys are short and ugly.
'brother school' to holton, man i feel bad for those girls.
holton prep 1: You know that landon-guy i was dating?
holton prep 2: the one who was like a foot shorter than you?!?
holton prep 1: yeah. i caught him making out with some NCS girl, so I dumped him for a St. Albans guy.
holton prep 2: nice move.
by hot-holton-punk December 11, 2004
A landon guy is a young gentleman, usually an aspiring fauxmo, hoping to get a role in the newest bromance blockbuster of the summer.
Did you hear the names of the stars for Brokeback Mountain's sequel "Saddelsore Canyon" Those landon guys are going to play as the two protagonists!
by Moriae December 04, 2006
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