Female's pubic hair styled in 1 inch thick rectangle, shaved either side, from vagina upwards.
In missionary position post shooting your load, in or out, a gentleman might request, "I'll just rest my todger on your convenient landing strip, if that is ok ma'am?"
by CheeseCrackers March 11, 2015
The patch of female pubic hair above the vagina in which the elongated sides point towards the vaginal cavity, signifying "this is where you land".
"Did you see that girls Landing Strip last night?"
"You couldn't miss it."
When you lay toilet paper down over the hole in the toilet, so the water dosnet spalsh your ass.
He laid a landing strip down so his ass wouldnt get wet.
by Neisheey June 20, 2011
(n.) In the 10-cup, "Beirut" variation of Beer Pong, the Landing Strip is a re-rack called at 5 cups in which a vertical row of three is thickened by an adjacent row of two nestled in the gaps on one side of the center cup.

Known as the "3-2 Offset" in lamer circles
Alright, Zack, they're ahead, 5 cups to 2. It's time we called a Landing Strip.
by TheLoudestFan April 21, 2009
The strip of facial hair that begins under a man's lower lip and ends at his chin.
My pussy came down hard on my man's landing strip last night
by Berry Flomar January 15, 2004
When a guy has a line of pubic hair running up from his balls to the head of his penis.
He had a bunch of cum caught on his landing strip
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
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