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(verb) When playing a sport that normally requires two balls, such as Beer pong, a ball is lost but the game is kept going. Pronounced quickly and slurred as a single word version of "Lance Armstrong" due to its use during drinking games.
Damn, we lost a ball! Fuck it, we'll lancearmstrong it for now on!
by pokstad October 06, 2007
a term used for the purchace of a half sack of weed.
Tommy:"hey man im all out, can i get a lance armstrong?"
Shawn: "yea dude. Stop smoking all your shit so quick!"
Tommy: "Some one should of told that to Michael Phelps!"
by DrgDlr420xx September 10, 2009
An excellent Tour de France rider but one whom has done little or none to help make competitive cycling popular. Not quite eddy.
I will catch you and defame you Simeoni! - Lance Armstrong
by chiquita banana 7787 January 21, 2006
Sexual phenomenon in which the female kicks her legs during intercourse, i.e. as the pedals of a bicycle turn.
She was so turned on she went lance armstrong on me after just five minutes.
by ozMo January 10, 2007
When a girl gives a guy head when she has plutonium in her mouth.
Man, I wish I didn't have to go in for this ball surgery tomorrow. Damn hooker tricked me and gave me a Lance Armstrong!
by Joshe November 21, 2006
A man who overcame testicular cancer and has won the Tour de France numerous times. He also has his own line of yellow wristbands that are nothing short of sweet.
Lance Armstrong will do more than you ever will and he has only one nut.
Imagine if he had two....
by Ryan Agee May 09, 2007
lance armstrong's genes hold the secret to curing cancer. He can sweat out cancer and crap out tumors. Every exwife of Lance Armstrong has cancer because he can actually will it into people's system. The friction from Lance's bike powers Zeus's lightning bolts. No matter where you are and no matter where lance is he will beat you in a race to anywhere.
Lance Armstrong ejected cancer from his body so forcibly that a testicle shot off.
by RocktheJordan August 16, 2006