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It's like a Lamp with a "o"...
How to be lightened ? Take a Lampo !!!
by Kevin dude April 22, 2008
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1. A habitual lier
2. one who often lies about his skating skills
3. has bad taste in women
4. often hangs out with one or more men of the Negro specie
5. always eats bagels and milk
6. thinks he has O.C.D. after watching Andrew Reynolds on epicly later'd
7. a queer
8. whole family from rio grande river
9. dad often pressure washing
10. never has food moocher

What a lampo he sucks at skating !
Dude fucking lampo go pressure wash my driveway !
look at his ugly chick damn lampo.

by Pound My Vag May 24, 2008
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To be gay or to appear homosexual
Often happens when misspelling lmao
Anyone who does this, is obviously gay
That lampo.

Savannah238: Omg thats so funny lampo
Savannah238: *lmao

^obviously gay

That silly lampo!
by Thecoolestguyever May 27, 2007
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by J#R#MY March 25, 2010
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