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a lame person, someone who is annoying and thinks they are better than everyone else
what a lamey she is. lets go!
by stefmommy April 26, 2009
'Lamey' is a play on the word 'larney, lah-nee' etc. The was commonly used by upper-class white english-speaking South Africans in the 1970s and 80s.

It has differing interpretations. For example, it is regarded as a loose term for 'white man, boss etc.' by some domestic servants.

Yet it is also used as an alternate term for poshy, classy and wealthy. In this instance, it has regularly been used by female South African journalists. South African journalist, Jani Allan coined the word 'lamey'.
And the Bee-ems and other lamey cars filled with business men and their birds. Jani Allan in Sunday Times. 6.6.82
by Joyson March 16, 2008
A person whose worth is debatable; they do not detract, per say, from the world's average awesomeness, but they definitely do not contribute. A lamey is known to say boring things- again, not malicious or stupid, but certainly not beneficial or insightful. A lamey is regarded as filler, a space consumer, and should generally be avoided if you wish to have an interesting time. See also: Lamey McLamester.
Lamey 1: i love jennifer aniston!

(enough said)
by Viktor II August 23, 2007
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