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To cancel one's planned participation in a group or social activity, but without providing a good excuse (might give a lame excuse instead).
Mike decided to lame-out on us again last Saturday. He's on his own next weekend.
by otra October 07, 2006
To leave, exit, opt out of or abandon an event, group or activity in a way that disappoints the other members.
At a party:
Jimbo: It's getting late. I gotta go home. You're on your own.
Heinz: You're laming out on me again?
Jimbo: I'm tired.
Heinz: Okay.. but next time we go to a party, don't lame out on me.

In a car:
Jimbo: Where's Heinz? I thought we were all going to Vegas tonight.
Steve: He lamed out.
by Kendalm December 13, 2007
A term used to describe people knowingly hanging out and doing uncool things such as Magic the Gathering or other lame things.
Ryan Dunning: "Hey I just finished hanging out with my girlfriend, want to lame out?"
by Jmozzz July 03, 2009
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