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Lamby is a noun or adjective describing an extremely cute girl.
Sarah is so cute that I have to call her Lamby when she smiles at me.
by azm0t0 October 16, 2004
To be out with a large group of friends and be the only one not able to get into a club and have to go home early.
Was out last night couldn't handle my drink and did a lamby!
The coolest stuffed animal in the world. A dinosaur in the form of a Brontosaurus
I still sleep with Lamby every night
by ross April 03, 2005
Another word for sideburns deriving from the word Mutton-Chops
Yo he's old enough to drink, look at those fat ass lambies
by Tommy The Beer Drinker October 30, 2007
to be one of a homosexual nature or very camp
oh my! your so lamby!
by jcjcjc199999939 September 01, 2010