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a mean ass sheep that beats you with his ass.
oh fuck! its lambert!!
by louislambert July 10, 2008
Defined by the actions of former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert onstage, in which he grasped a dancer by the back of the head. He then proceeded to shove the dancer's face into his groin, and thrust his hips vigorously.

The action of thrusting one's hips into someone's face is now known as a "Lambert".
Man, that girl's a butterface! It's a good thing I don't have to look at it when I lambert her.
by Bathtub Buccaneer November 23, 2009
When you loan your brand new sweatshirt to a hot chick at an auto race,football game or any outdoor sporting event, and then she takes off with it.
Joe loaned his brand new, $55 Ford Mustang sweatshirt to the trophy girl during the stock car race Saturday night because it got cold. Too bad she pulled a lamberts on him.
by racersk August 11, 2008
N. A term for a grown man who calls in sick to work at least twice a week with lame excuses
Joe called in sick today again! His uncles cousin has hemhoroids and he needs to go pull them off
What a Lambert!
by Hags64 March 18, 2014
the sheepish lion, jeez, dont you people watch cartoons?
Lambert was a lion raised by a sheep mommy and the rest of the herd of sheep.
and no he did not eat them.
Lambert is so fuckin cute, he saved his sheep mommy from danger!
by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
A substitution for the word "cunt", most often used in the town of Colchester, where local team manager Paul Lambert left Colchester United for local rivals Norwich City.

A person lacking intelligence and/or common sense.
1: "The referee at today's game is such a fucking Lambert"

2: "He got a low test score. What a Lambert"
by Youknowwhothisismk2 April 14, 2011
A substitution for the word "cunt", most often used in the town of Colchester, where Colchester United's manager Paul Lambert left for local rivals Norwich City. After beating Norwich 7-1 a week ago.
You're such a Lambert!
by CUFC94 October 11, 2011
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