Especially foul piece of shit left floating in a public toilet, especially at truckstops in rural areas or similarly filthy restrooms. Etymology unknown, apparently regional to Seattle area.
Oh, christ, somebody left me a lambert.
by That's what she said... November 10, 2009
1. to fail in the most extreme ways

2. a person who contains such extreme win that it blows your mind
1. "Aw crap! I tried to light my awful book on fire but I set myself on fire instead! That was such a Lambert."

2. "Did you see that guy? He was playing CoD4... on his NES! WOW! HE'S SUCH A LAMBERT!"
by Mob Carley November 16, 2009
When you absolutly have nö skill skill at activities you do with other people such As Sports.
-Dude, he's Lamberting this Lacrosse practice. He sucks.
by Chuckles95 March 31, 2010
Noun, To fail at something
I pulled a lambert on my physics mid-semester paper.
by blazerxzero May 31, 2009
A woman who can only get aroused when a man, or men defecate on her chest.
I don't like German films, they are all the same, just some Lambert who lays their giggling while a bunch of dudes poop on her chest.
by pingpongsecret August 01, 2009
Term for an individual who is rather too cool for school. Often seen sporting quirky beards and pink converse trainers. Not to be confused with the an unwin although both incredibly small, and often seen feverishly smoking.
By george, that hairy man on stage looks like he is receiving an electric shock from his guitar. No wait that's a danse. He must be a lambert.
by Maxim Hind May 25, 2005
When your cards in Texas Holdem are a Jack and a 2
he raised me 45 pre-flop so I had to fold my Lambert
by The ErectileProjectile November 15, 2006

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