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when someone (chase walker) sucks a dick and takes it from behind at the same time
Chase walker
by kyle short February 13, 2004
Sexual position involving 3 people. A person (usu. a girl) on all fours sucks a dick and takes a dick from behind doggy-style. Also known as the "spit roast"and the "Devil's 3-way"
Nick, Steve and Andrea fired up a lamb roast last night.
by Bluesbunny June 21, 2009
When a female takes is in doggy-style position and has a cock in her mouth while taking it from behind.
Wow, can that Amanada Lowe ever take the lamb roast!

And Michelle Shewells sick
by annonymous January 09, 2004
The sexual technique of receving two phalluses at the same time, one in both the oral and anal cavity. The maneuver is performed with two males in a standing position and a female in a crouch position to give the illusion of the proverbial "lamb" being roasted on a spit.
"Man, me and a guy totally lamb roasted this chick last night"
"Yo babe, you want to lamb roast tonight at my crib?"
"Biatch, GTF onta me an' my homie's dongs before I pop a cap in yo' mane!"
by Colonel Wafflejaw October 09, 2006
A sexual activity, where two males are having sex with a female. The female must be willing and usually enjoys sex (hurting for a squirting).The first male will be attending to the vagina, while the second male is receiving oral sex from the female. Thus creating the illusion of a Lamb being roasted on a spit.
Derek and Jim, took amy into the closet and amy blew Jim while Derek was railing her from behind, Lambroast
by hawkfucker905 November 06, 2009
dawes most hated meal after he he had to give up a friutini to eat one with his family.
dawes could murder a lamb roast....with a 6 inch kitchen knife!
by masterofrpg March 30, 2004
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