A man's "nether region"; a penis.
"Lamar's itchin' for some action today, baby!"
by dropCGCF December 17, 2004
not a girls name.

Prestons middle name.

d00d. stfu. isn't that like the coolest word to pronounce? it's all.... stooofoooo.... yus. so. like, the other day, i was at the grocery store and this dude walked up to me and said, "thats not a carburator, thats my wife!" O___O LYKE, OMFG! LAMAR! XDD foshizzle.
by Sen October 02, 2004
(n)The most pointless college ever founded.
why am i at lamar? its the most pointless college ever founded
by xare September 15, 2003
A name originating from Macon, Georgia and usually grows up to be a Greyhound bus driver from Selma, Alabama to Atlanta.
Lamar was our nigga bus driver today on the bus, he loves the Afro-desert heat and never turns on the ac!
by curtis daylin March 27, 2010
A school in arlington texas that has educated several olympic stars.

But as of late, the school in education, sports and fine arts is in a decline due to the new principal, Mr. Provence, and several other new teachers and all the damn rent-a-cops.
My last year in Lamar was hell. Mr. Provence is a dumbass!
by Wulfy November 10, 2007
one hot chick
dude look at lamar she is sizzlin!
by Scott June 09, 2003
sexy mama
so i was walking down the street and some guy looked like lamar, he was a sexy mama
by shake it June 20, 2003

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