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one hot chick
dude look at lamar she is sizzlin!
by Scott June 09, 2003
6 34
A name originating from Macon, Georgia and usually grows up to be a Greyhound bus driver from Selma, Alabama to Atlanta.
Lamar was our nigga bus driver today on the bus, he loves the Afro-desert heat and never turns on the ac!
by curtis daylin March 27, 2010
3 32
This is a slang term used for Geoff.
Lamar got slapped like a bitch!
by Jamaal October 12, 2004
36 65
lamar, self explainatory, good to freestyle bout
ok so theres this chick lamar,
she really knows how to ride a bar.
shimmy shimmy sham
she was rollin in da bed,
cuz she was givin crazy head.
shimmy shimmy sham
she was bumpin in the club,
and it was like damn ur sexy gimme a hug.
shimmy shimmy sham
i like to flow in this text,
then she likes to give me that wild sex.
shimmy shimmy sham
THAT WAS ANOTHER TIGHT FREESTYLE BY DJ SCOTTIE.....ya lamars not like that, no dirty ideas.
by DJ SCOTTIE June 22, 2003
5 36
crazy black guy druggy
dude, lamar, pass the shroooooooooooms
by brrrr- ett March 26, 2003
7 42