Huge, absolutely massively enormous out of proportion Jew boy on the planet
"Hey can I bum a smoke?"

Nah I only have 12 left.


"Hey, you still owe two hundred bucks dude!"

"No I don't dude!, I paid you back!"


"Hey dude! I am down the street from your house and I need a ride 5 blocks down.. can you come scoop me?"

"Nah sorry I only have a half a tank of gas left.."

......... *sigh* >.. lamar ..
by GIMMENUT January 13, 2012
Top Definition
attractive male; sexy,smart, well-dressed, damn near perfect in every possible way
Damn! That guy is sexy as hell! Yeah he's a lamar
by Scrappy January 14, 2005
a hot sexy bitch
when can we have sex lamar?
by scott June 22, 2003
Only the coolest most awesome guy in all of history the solar system all galaxies and I think ill go there...


If you see or hear of one of these rare breed of human.
They will be extremely good looking.
In most cases black.
Very Cool,handsome, smart, muscular (all you need in a guy)

So in summary If you find one hug him till he calls you a batty man or s***. Cause you will never get another chance.
Oh look its a lamar

wow look at that hunky fella

I want him now

Hope he is single
by Rudeboy badman leftcheekslaper December 06, 2010
spanish for "to carry a first aid kit"
Juan quiere lamar para el equipo
by Guatemalaman March 18, 2009
(v.) to Lamar someone is to place your index finger under their boob or manboob and lift up while simultaneously saying "Lamar"

There are variations of the Lamar, such as the Jamal.
"Dude, I totally just Lamared that chick!"
by djteenis October 07, 2011
term for an asshole, jerk, dickhead, etc.
can u beleive david when on a date with my girlfriend?? what a lamar, SMH!!
by willybond February 12, 2009

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