1. To of had sex, with anyone, him/her self, or anything else.
2. To have laid on the couch.
3. I don't know any other way's for LAID.
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1. Carl:"Man I just got laid by the hot chick over there Joe...Yep she was good"
Joe: "Hey Carl, that's a guy..."

2. Stephany:"Why haven't you answered my calls?!"
Joe:"Because I found out you're a guy, and I laid on the couch and suddenly passed out..."

3. Random Person:"Any thing else I could use the word laid for?"
by Me Me No No Tell Tell You!!! June 08, 2007
Combonation of Aids and Laid aids sex disease slut
Man, that girl is such a slut if she doesn't slow down she is going to get laids.
by Sidney February 07, 2005
LAids is a disease that affects your perception of Los Angeles and those that live there. It mostly includes outdated ideas such as "there is only gangs in LA" and "it's smoggy all the time there". Other forms of LAids include "all you do is sit in traffic" and "you change as soon as you move to LA".
After carmageddon this weekend, i contracted a strong case of L.AIDS.
by JustCurry October 02, 2012
1. A disease that effects your legs making them tiny, skinny, sickly looking usually caused by working out your upper body all the time.

2. Legs + Aids
If that guy continues to only work out his upper body, he's going to develop laids and end up in a wheelchair.
by loz27 December 21, 2011
it is an upgraded version of Aids. It originated in 2008-2009 but an accurate date is not available. Laids can spread with just a wipe to the body or clothing, it can be fatal or could just make u turn into a massive shit, either way you're fucked
Jeff: (wipes hand on face) you got laids
John: thanks now im going to die
Jeff: or turn into a shit
John: does it matter either way im fucked!
Jeff: lol
by Tony Blueberry January 23, 2011
To have sexual intercourses, in other words, having sex fucking the shit out of someone.
That bitch was the bomb, i cant to get with her and get laid again!!!
by JuN10r July 02, 2006
it means to have sex with someone but there is another meaning....
dad:hey how was your day?

daughter/son: I got laid

dad: WATZ!

daughter/son: im cereal i aint lyin
get it???? hahah

daughter/son: i got lost and im dying geez!
by urhelper July 25, 2011
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