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6 definitions by Sidney

Rakeyohnius was his name, and he liked doggy style.
by sidney February 24, 2004
Combonation of Aids and Laid aids sex disease slut
Man, that girl is such a slut if she doesn't slow down she is going to get laids.
by Sidney February 07, 2005
1. Something that one, embarassingly, thinks is an embarassment, but isn't.

2. An embarassing spelling mistake.
"What an embarasment!"
by sidney January 31, 2005
One whose liver is edible.
I'm hungry! I better find a Sidney.
by Sidney November 30, 2004
To Show ones defiance
Twice this week Tommy the paperboy broke windows out of Mr.Jackson, garage. As the thrid paper smashed the window Tommy yelled out in a defying voice Im Rick James Bitch! And rode off
by Sidney April 28, 2004
Definition by example:
"...in a University which is ranked in the top 10 of the whole world, there
is NO PLACE for hand-written lecture handouts, or any OHP slides (especially
when they're hand-drawn during the lecture. What an embarasment!)"
by sidney February 01, 2005