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Unlike the root word love, lahve is a word that expresses a kind of adoration and closeness that most people do not possess. It describes the connection that certain friends have when they are so close that it is almost sexual but in a silly way. It is difficult to lahve someone you are in a relationship with but possible. Repeating the letter "h" in the word lahve enhances its meaning to show even more urgency of the need to express this emotion.
Yes I love everyone in this group, but I only LAHVE you.

by goodnightlila April 29, 2008
The feeling of which loving some one/thing in one moment, then hating them the next.
Bob: I lahve you ;]
Jelly: I don`t >=]
Bob: *Kicks in b@lls.* That`s what you get, n00b!
by Jodi F. June 14, 2007
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