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the fucked up, drunken ex sunnyvale trailer park supervisor on trailer park boys.
lahey's so fucking gay.
by cindersiren August 01, 2004
verb. To continually chug hard liquor in the same matter of Jim Lahey from trailer park boys.
dude i told terry he could take a shot from my crown royal and he just straight up started to lahey that shit
by dean mcCowsky August 06, 2008
Non-cop "quality of life" code enforcers in small towns with cop radios.
Oh shit, hide the beer can! A Lahey's coming this way.
by Foo Bar March 14, 2005
To speak of technology without actually using facts
Whitey 1: So the active directory is very important to your business, will add business value and be valuable to how you get new customers. So how is that squash game? Did you see the leafs last night?
Whitey 2: Crap he is pulling a lahey.
by Dude looks like a lady May 12, 2003
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