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when a game you are playing online has an inordinate amount of lag it can be deemed 'lagalicious.'
On my computer even single player games are lagalicious.
by andyfellovernet June 27, 2003
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lag-a-licious usually pretaining to a horrible lag while playing an online game or when your right in the middle of PWNING someone and its starts to lag horribly
wow did you see that guy get that kill it was lag-a-licious...
by bobie_1kanobie February 09, 2010
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An expression used when a game is lagging, or running slowly.
LAGALICIOUS DEFINITION MAKE THE GAME RUN SLOWLY (Okay, that was pretty horrible, but nonetheless)
by Anonymous3.141592653 May 08, 2010
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when your computer is hella laggy so on online servers you so you can go killin everybody and their mother cause they won't be able to catch you
damn I was playin halo yestaday. It was lagalicious!
by Tereth February 15, 2005
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