when a big girl is dancing, and then she stops dancing, but her body is still dancing.
Shake that laffy taffy
by Richard Dibble January 15, 2006
This is one of the newest and one of the most stupid slang terms to describe a girl's ass.
As described in D4L song, Laffy Taffy:
"Girl shake that laffy taffy."

by Ebonicronicals November 08, 2005
a girl with a phat ass. usually refering to girls.
girl shake that laffy taffy.
by L.W March 02, 2006
a bitch's pussy lips when she is wet
lakesha's laffy taffy was so sweet
by shalom mother fucker December 16, 2005
A flacid, limp, or unerect penis. As quoted from D4L's song. Hangin' out with your wang out. Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with females at all.
"Laffy Taffy" "c'mon shake that laffy taffy (unerect penis)."
by Brianna Seimus April 12, 2006
Laffy Taffy is the extra cum you shake off your penis onto the girl's face after she sucks your dick.
Bitch, take that laffy taffy down!
by VannyLovesBoobs April 12, 2006
Your pinky finger - word is enhanced by moving your finger up and down as though it is dancing
In the song when it says "Shake your laffy taffy" you have to move your finger up and down to the rhythm.
by cateye January 09, 2006

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