female version of foreskin, which, like stated below, was made famous in the song 'Laffy Taffy' by D4L, but it's NOT referring to shake that ass.
It was a fully nude strip-club and the stripper was shaking that laffy taffy all up in my face.
by AnonymousKain December 01, 2005
one of the worst songs ever, the title itself, explains its gonna be some bubble gum snap/crap music
girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, girl shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy girl shake that laffy taffy repeat 20 times, and thats the song, oh yeah a bitch sounding mysikal tries to rap sounds like hes crying though, since he has some dumbass lyrics over a casio prebeat.
by joshua001 March 06, 2007
Looks hard, but is actually soft.
Look at that Laffy Taffy ass nigga.
by CrckrJack22 July 04, 2011
On YouTube, in the video The Juggernaut, Bitch! It is what the character "Ketchup's" costume is made of.

"Look at me, I'm made out of Laffy Taffy, mutherfucka."
by KGBostonMA December 28, 2007
When someone stretches the truth, but makes it seem reasonable so they don't get caught creepin'.
Baby's mama - "Yo, fool. I know you be out prowlin' on some skank ass bitches!"

Baby's daddy - "Naw, girl. I was just out playin' poker with my boys!"

Baby's daddy's homeboy - "Ha! Laffy Taffy."
by E to the E September 20, 2009
There are several defenitions of a Laffy Taffy

First, a Laffy Taffy, is, of course, a delectable sweet produced by Nestle. Children and adults of all ages enjoy this treat.

The second defenition is slightly more complex.
Yes, a laffy taffy is a posterior, generally female, but, more specifically, a "laffy taffy" is when said female is shaking her ass and, after she stops shaking it, the ass continues to jiggle for a couple of seconds (depending on the size of the ass). The process of the ass still jiggling even after its owner has stopped shaking it is known as the "laffy taffy".
1. I ate 50 Laffy Taffys on Halloween
2. Man, look at that girl's Laffy Taffy!
by quiggler November 28, 2005
Bottom, buttox, butt, or ass. (Made famous by D4l in the song 'shake that laffy taffy'.
"Girl shake that laffy taffy."
by jmivi July 21, 2005

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