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Simply meaning 'it all good', 'sound', originally from Liverpool.
'laffin lad' 'laffin kid' 'laffin mate' 'laffin'
by ARMS March 28, 2005
A word used when "laughing" so uncontrollably you can not even spell correctly and simply don't give a fuck about your spelling errors.
Ted: "did you see Sarah dance like a stripper and fall off the table at the party last night?"
Collin:" Yeah bruh that was so funny I was laffin dude!"
by Turtletoastx December 20, 2014
An ignorant way of spelling "laughing". Used by someone who desperately seeks to be hip, cool and modern but in actuality simply flunked fourth grade spelling class.
Laffin at you.
by Beagle2003 October 16, 2011
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