cool place
just an average suburb
Lafayette is just like any other middle-classed town in America....
by a kind stranger March 01, 2005
Top Definition
The center of cajun culture in louisiana.Very cool town.Bigger than what what most people think.Home to the university of louisana and is the states 5th largest city. Lafayette has a lot of potential but it is slowly losing its uniqeness to strip malls and 5 lane roads which can be found in any other city.
guy#1:Whose that fly ass fucker mackin all the ladies?

guy#2: oh, thats matt hes from lafayette.Hes not a douche!
by cajun-irish guy April 01, 2005
1. wicked cool place

2. a white stripes song: lafayette blues
1. dude!!!! lets go to lafayette!!

2. dude, lafayette blues is my FAVORITE song!!
by maroo July 28, 2006
Finally setting the expectation of receiving payment for your services, after doing a lot of work for free you never get paid for.
Pulling a "Lafayette Reynolds" from HBO's True Blood. Ex: "I'm gonna Lafayette yo ass and straight up demand $300 this time to do your seance. I'm done doin this shit for free."
by everclear515 August 07, 2012
Someone who thinks they have a real grudge. They like to go on and on about it at great length. Their grudge usually involves online internet games.
That guy has a Lafayette complex. He needs to chillax.
by Meme.travian October 24, 2014
Only the sickest suburb in the west coast.
located i the east bay
not to mention one of the richest flossy ass city
guy 1;Dayumm, i met this fine bitch from lafayette. one of them fine ass preps
guy 2; fuk nigga tell me where i get one a them!

ex. 2
oakland guy: yo son wats up wit yo look? what up witchoo rolled up prep shirt?
lafayette guy: i beleive abercrombie will save the world
by grantaliscious March 08, 2007
Posibly the shittiest city in Indiana. Filled with homophobic kids who are ignorant to everything except their small trailers, lack of money, and poor lives.
Wow, that guy is a total Douche. He must be from Lafayette
by R. Alex March 15, 2005
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