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Those Ladson's are winners
by RLad February 03, 2010
A term used to initiate common, Stereotypical Ladsy behaivier.
IF at a given point of time, ie during a class "Lads-" are currently "-off" (ie LADS OFF) then one might want to turn lad's on by a cry of "lads on"
Guy1: "This history homework is really hard...."
Guy2: "LADS ON!"
Guy1: "Fucking maggot dardi gibbon aye!? TRRUUUU"
Guy2: "LADS OFF!"
Guy1: " ill probly get a D if i dont finish it ...
by Lad Ladsy September 10, 2006
a gay phrase that scotch guys use
lads on guys...im a metro faggot
by scotchie fag September 12, 2006