interj. said upon seeing or hearing somthing satisfying or rediculous.
Look at that, I threw a knife into a watermelon at 100 yards! Laddle!
by Jabs March 24, 2005
Top Definition
adj. 1. extremely satisfying 2. constantly loving or smiling 3. brightly colored 4. silly 5. making a soft thumping noise

Laddle is by far the best word ever concieved. It changed my life forever.

(licking one's dick and sticking it in somone's ear could be described as quite laddle)
The sound that made was laddle.
by Jabs March 24, 2005
the soft clap-like sound produced by a woman's genitals when she's running free and naked in a forest
1. oh honey, make me laddle tonigh
2. omg, we went tripping and I could hear her laddling all over the forest, it was just like the universe man!
by January 09, 2013
laddle - to lick your dick and stick it in someone's ear like a wet willy
I gave peter a wet willy for his birthday.
by the reaper, and the manwhore February 04, 2005
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