Someone who is a tool but alot worse than a tool. Can worsen the insult be sayin that he/she is a ladder with extendables and wheels.
Man, Shawn is such a ladder.
by rustyshackleford723 October 29, 2010
2mg Xanax. They're rectangular in shape and have sections much like rungs in a ladders.
Hey man can you find any ladders? I need to get loaded.
by Chithead Stinkpot May 27, 2008
1. United States Marine Corps and United States Navy slang term for stairs.

2. An extremely steep and dangerous staircase, such as those found in Absecon, New Jersey.
Those weren't stairs that I took an Absecon sleighride down; that was a ladder!
by Led Zeppole October 26, 2003
Awesome, dope. Something on the up-and-up. The opposite of chutes.

Originated from the classic board game Chutes & Ladders, where your bane is the chute and your savior is the ladder.
That white tee is ladders, I have to have one just like it.

Donald Trump's business sense is ladders, while his hair is chutes.
by look4me October 27, 2009
a series of penis piercings starting close from the head of the penis closer to the body. almost resembleing a ladder
i got my ladder pierced the other day, that shit fucking hurt
by Pierce February 16, 2005
An implement used for climbing .. Some retract, some are metal, some are made of wood.
The roofer was very adept with his long ladder.
by eddieQ July 30, 2005
1) A tool used to reach higher places by climbing.

2) A tool with steps, usually in a triangular shape used in climbing or reaching higher places.

3) The second in a set when used in an example.

4) Slang for a 3mg Xanex pill due to the fact that it resembles a ladder.
1) I could not reach the ceiling so I got a ladder.

2) The painter was on a ladder.

3) Mcdonalds and Burger King both have burgers but I would have to choose the ladder.

4) Damn that ladder really fucked me up.
by Da_Shit October 02, 2006

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