ability to sense the presence of fine looking ladies in the vicinity without having to rely on any visual contact.
this dawg can spot a fine female arse by just listening to her footsteps...he's a phat ladar!
by ndawg December 20, 2004
Stands for "Laser-Assisted Data And Readout".

Uses infrared emmissions to create a map of the nearby area. Will likely be in use within the next 10-100 years.
Space pirate 1: "Crap! How'd they find us?"
Space pirate 2: "They must have LADAR systems!"
Space pirate 1: "But I thought we had signal jammers!"
Space pirate 2: "You can't jam lasers, you moron!"
Space pirate 1: "Oh. Well at least I'm not dea-*zorch!*
by Chaosvolt December 11, 2007

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