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A type of space fighter in the Starfox series of rail-shooter/flight sim games. It is usaully the main ship used by the starwolf crew. They are the rivals of team starfox, the heroes of the series. In Starfox Assualt, you can pilot wolfens in multiplayer mode. They are faster and have stronger lasers, but are a bigger target and it's brakes can't come to a full stop.
1. Wolf(a wolf), Leon(a chameleon), Pigma(a pig), and Andrew(a monkey) are the Wolfen's main pilots in all starfox games except for Assualt, where Andrew and Pigma left the team.

2. "Dude, that guy just pwned me in vs. mode with a Wolfen!"
by Chaosvolt December 10, 2007
Stands for "Laser-Assisted Data And Readout".

Uses infrared emmissions to create a map of the nearby area. Will likely be in use within the next 10-100 years.
Space pirate 1: "Crap! How'd they find us?"
Space pirate 2: "They must have LADAR systems!"
Space pirate 1: "But I thought we had signal jammers!"
Space pirate 2: "You can't jam lasers, you moron!"
Space pirate 1: "Oh. Well at least I'm not dea-*zorch!*
by Chaosvolt December 11, 2007

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