an australian teen who thinks they are gods gift women and men alike.Generally seen whereing a white polo hat yellow nautica shirt with blue strips with the collar popped up and a red nuatica t shirt with a collar popped. And yellow nuatica shorts. really the most popular people in boys high school for some reason.
people in high schools who think there cool.
by martin October 15, 2004
A "TOY" graffiti artist/writer generally from sydney.

They tend to talk a lot of shit.

"Eshay bra we rocked some anelpays" - This is a lie as the Lad didn't rock any panels and never will because TOYS dont do real panels.
by The Facts not Fiction August 02, 2007
Teens who write graffiti and think they're staunches, when they are really lil puny twiggs. They wear they're hats like uncos and commonly wear nautica and nike clotheswear. they use common terms like "WAT LAS"
e.g a lad would say "wat u rite annelise las."
by tha LAD 2 B November 27, 2006
mate, friend, used in general to refer to a friend (usually male)
Evenin lad, whats the story? (Evening mate, how are you?)
by RoBoC May 14, 2004
Stupid teens who dress in polo tee's sneakers and CCC pants. No, they didnt buy the pants they stole them because they are so cheap they roll people for money.They think they are the most popular kids in school when everyone hates them and finds them to be appalling. They hang out in groups, scabbing money off randoms at the station. Female lads are known as "Lasses" wearing their hair tied back and off their face, and hoop earrings. They are whores and wont think twice about rolling you for whatever you have.
Check out thoses lads. They look like trouble.
by Keoskies July 13, 2008
A large marsupian animal that dwells in the anus of mexicans and hippies. Lads can be encouraged with an excess of marijuana and television. common deterants include bleach and a good old spanking just like the old days
dang it, i have a lad in my buthole
quickly get it out with a spanking
by Daniel Ferguson December 18, 2006
Its used in Europe, by the Irish, Brits(fuckin langas) and th scots. It means Boy or man, just used for that sort. If u use it in Canada u might get made fun of. If u kick there fuckin arse, and clean em with the street, u get a drunk Irish rep.
"watch it Lad"
"Iye, hes a good lad"
"Oi, strighten out ur Lad...or I fuckin will"
by Irish Pikey July 08, 2005
used to call the atention of a lad eg.
young wog teens living in sydney who go around wearing polo or nautica shirts and hats. with long sleeve tights underneath usally bright colours, say the word lad and eshays excessivly and unnessacerily, and think that they can write up.
Lad 1:ey lad
Lad 2: ey lad
L1: sup
L1: eshays
by Mr .X August 31, 2005

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