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Australian young boys that travel normally in packs. They always wear sport brands such as Nautica, Addidas, Puma.. etc and have the baseball caps done up tight and tilted up at the front. However the most prominent feature is their Rat tails. Usually plaited at the back of their head or the side.

They have prominent accents (differnt from normal aussies) like:
"Yeeeah Bruuuh!" (with a horrible nasal voice) and smoke dorries ("rollies" which are roll it yourself ciggarettes), particularly WhiteOx.

They speak in pig latin and their greeting call is:
“Eshayzz Bruhh!” Meaning “Hello, How are you?”

They graffiti ("tag" or "graph") They normally have a ridiculus four letter word, normally an odd collection of letters to avoid disputes with other “lads” over the same “tag”. They also tag their “CREW” names, which is normally a three letter representation of a three worded crew. Eg: “HSL” would stand for “Harsh Sydney Lads”. Their crew is a member of trusted friends that go out together and “graph up” places illegally and run from the cops. They also make illegal videos and sell them through secret illegal blackmarket shops normally registered as selling something else.

They drink Goon (cheap wine) and normally have a "Goon Sack" wine in the silver bag that is normally inside a box of wine.

Their preferred type of music is hard-core techno. Think Dj Neophyte and Dj Caffeine. They have a special type of dance that goes with it called:

1) Gabber
2) Jumpstyle

Gabber, is usually done by moving the feet back wards in a moon-walk like fashion while simulating punching the ground infront of you alternately with their hands. They will usually nod their heads in time with the beat, trying to be hardcore.

Jumpstyle, is usually done by jumping up and down alternately twisting and kicking in different directions.

A female version is called a "LASS"
Person #1: Hello

Lad #1: Eshayz Bruh!

Person #1: What did you do last night?

Lad #1: Gone out for a ain-pay bruh! graphed up tha traino at rivo bruh! Got on the goon sack to, fuckin' yeeeea bruh!

TRANSLATION: "I went out graffitying a trainstation at Riverstone. I also got pissed on cheap wine. Yes, brother."

by aussie.female.witness July 19, 2008

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