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A girl who has dated or hooked up with multiple lacrosse players on her school's team.
Someone who dates the leading scorer but cheats on him with the MVP. cough Becca cough. Berkshire What!
by Billy Bobby June 06, 2005
from Canadian slang. a woman who goes to lacrosse games for the purpose of fucking one of the players
after the game, the lacrosstitutes were lined up outside the visitors bus, condoms and anal lube in hand.
by lungpig June 18, 2003
A girl who gets "promiscuous" with the majority of the lacrosse team at any given college
1# Man that girl is totally a lacrosstitute.
2# Duh!
by Dick Chute May 31, 2007
A female who will perform oral sex on a guy just because he plays lacrosse.
Justin: Were you at the lacrosse party last night?
Jasson: Hell yeah, one lacrosstitute gave me a wicked nice blowjob!
Justin: High Five!
by Matt Driffill November 30, 2006
1.Women who are only attracted to men who play the sport of lacrosse.
2.Insecure college/highschool women who wear their collars up and love cocaine
Look at that slut over there with the Phi Delts, she MUST be a lacrosstitute
by F. Farley June 08, 2004
A girl who wants to have sex with lacrosse players. They go to every game, and wait afterwards to talk to the players.
I think your sister is turning into a lacrosstitute...she's always asking you for rides to the games!
by sufjanstevens May 19, 2008
1.A felmale who finds lacrosse players completely desirable.,especially if he is a member of "Sweet Laxers Get More Play" organization.
1.Women who are only attracted to men who play the sport of lacrosse, due to their laid back "we dont give a fuck" attitude.
2.One who will only date, hook up, or screw a lacrosse player. The only exception would be if a lacrosstitute gets with one of the lacrosse players close friends, who parcially considers himself a laxer only becuase he hangs out with the lacrosse team all the time.
3.Emily TIbbets, of Duxbury High, would be a prime example of a lacrosstitute
Lacrosstitutes are the BESTTT

by CILaxer November 16, 2006
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